What is Adhaar Card?

Adhaar card is a unique identification card provided by Government of India free of cost. It has a 12 digit unique number which is unique for everyone. The card needs a fingerprint and retina scan which makes it unique as duplicity is not possible. The Government of India has appointed an agency named UIDAI (Unique Identification authority of India) especially for this Adhaar card. A Team of UIDAI is roaming every pat of the country to issue Adhaar card to each and every citizen of India. However, the card does not define any citizenship. It is just a identity card. Any one who resides in India is eligible for the card accepts the NRIs. A 3 year old child is also liable to have an Adhaar card in this case his/her parents’ identity will be taken. The child will go for biometric identification twice in his/her life i.e. at the age of 5 and 15 because in the early childhood days as the biometric changes with the age.

To have an Adhaaar card one requires Identity proof and address proof at the time of enrollment of Adhaar card. After the enrollment it takes around 60-90 days, after which you will get your Card via post at the mentioned address in your address proof.

How to check Aadhar status?

After the enrollment the UIDAI takes about 2-3 months to issue the Adhaar card because the details taken of an individual go through a long and different process. But in between that we can check the status of our card online.

After the enrollment of the Adhaar card we get an acknowledgement slip from the concerned authority over there. The Slip contains the enrollment number, date and time. These three details should be noted properly in a diary and the slip should be kept safely because this is your proof that you have enrolled for Adhaar card.

Steps to check status online:

  1. Click on the link to see status of you Adhaar Card (https://portal.uidai.gov.in/ResidentPortal/statusLink)
  2. After clicking on the link you will be redirected to a new page which will ask for the details of your Acknowledgement slip.  The first two fields need the enrollment number and the date and time in the same sequence as it is mentioned in the slip. Fill the details carefully without any mistake and check it again.
  3. Once you are done with the previous process, fill the exact image value (as they are case sensitive) in the third box and then click on “SUBMIT”.
  4. After clicking on submit you will the status of your Adhaar card.



How can we apply for Adhaar Card?

Applying for Adhaar card is really simple. Government has come with the provision of applying for the same through net. The online procedure is for those who have missed the manual procedure.


  1. Applying for Adhaar Card needs a form to filled up. Download Aadhar form from here.After downloading the form fill all the details properly and follow the instructions as mentioned.
  2. For enrolling for Adhaar card one has to submit certain documents like Identity proof, Address proof and passport size picture. Click here for nationally valid list of documents.
  3. With the Adhaar card form and the relevant documents you have to visit to the enrollment center where you have to submit all your documents. Click here for the nearest enrollment centers. (http://appointments.uidai.gov.in/easearch.aspx) All the states are not covered into this list provided by UIDAI.
  4. After visiting the center the documents submitted by you will go through a verification process just after which details will be entered in the database.
  5. Once your turn will come you will go though a biometric scanning process which will include finger print scanning and retina scanning. Just after which your picture will be taken.
  6. After completing all these procedures you will be given an acknowledge slip which will act as a proof that you have enrolled for the Adhaar card. Keep the slip safely and note down the enrollment number and date and time on the slip which you will need while checking the status.

After successful enrollment you have to wait for about 60-90 days to receive your Adhaar card by post.


What is regulatory body for Adhaar?

The Unique Identity Authority of India on behalf of Government of India takes the charge to issue Adhaar card across the whole nation. It works as an agent of Government.