Can NRIs have Aadhar Card?

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Aadhar Card for NRIAadhar card does not specify citizenship to any of its holders, so any one residing in India can have it. Earlier NRIs were not liable to have Aadhar card but keeping the present scenario in mind Government has authorized NRIs also to apply for Aadhar card as it provides a solid identity to the NRIs in the different countries.


However NRIs have to provide certain documents as a proof for their valid identification. There are certain steps which they have to go through for applying for Aadhar card.


Steps to Apply for Aadhar Card for NRI:


  • Identification: NRIs have to provide the valid Green card of USA or ant other country where they currently reside. They also have to provide the college identity card or job identity card, which is to prove the reason for which they are residing there. These details will go through a proper verification process. Any discrepancies in the submitted documents will either lead in holding the process or cancellation of process. So submit all the relevant details asked for.
  • With your relevant identity you have to submit the Aadhar form which you can download from our website’s main page. Fill the form correctly as mentioned in the instruction in the second page of form. After the submission of form to the relevant enrollment office you will go through with the further biometric scanning process.
  • Fingerprint being the first in queue will help the proper identification of a person. You will go through a Fingerprint scanning process as this cannot be changes and provides a strong identity of a person.
  • Retina Scan, this also a unique process by which the retina of a person is scanned which can never be copied and hence this process helps in avoiding duplicity.
  •  After completing the scan process photograph will be taken by the concerned person will be added in database along all the relevant details.


After doing the complete process, UIDAI takes around 60-90 days to dispatch the card to your postal address.

17 Comments on “Can NRIs have Aadhar Card?”

  1. 1 Ravikanth Gondesi said at 4:33 am on February 20th, 2013:

    Do we need to go to India for fingerprint & Retina Scan or we can have this done in the place where we are currently residing.

  2. 2 admin said at 4:25 am on March 4th, 2013:

    Hi Ravikanth,

    Yes – in aadhar center your fingerprint and retina scan will be taken. Visit your nearest aadhar center.

  3. 3 mohammad ali said at 9:43 pm on March 5th, 2013:

    i was working in aboard
    is there is any solution for me to obtain aadhar card in tathcall facility i have no time because i have only one month vacation
    in such a short period can it may possible to get a aadhar card

  4. 4 ng said at 8:50 pm on April 5th, 2013:


    Wanted to know the procedure of applying adhar card ? I am a NRI residing in Canada.

    Will i need to go to India? can i go next year and still apply for an adhar card?

  5. 5 pARTHA said at 9:16 am on April 7th, 2013:


    can you list down the CENTER in Assam.

  6. 6 LAKSHMI said at 9:06 am on April 21st, 2013:

    Dear Sir,

    How we can go for Fingerprint and Retina process ? If we are currently staying in out side india ( Kuwait)? Please advise.

  7. 7 Jignesh said at 10:00 pm on April 23rd, 2013:

    Are there any aadhar centers in the USA? Can we do fingerprinting & Retina scan in the USA?

  8. 8 Mothilal said at 7:06 am on April 24th, 2013:

    Hello Sir,

    Presently Im residing in Saudi Arabia with my family and willing to apply for adhaar card. Can u plz guide me whether it can be taken here itself or we must go to India to get this card? If it is here, how I have to proceed? If in India, I may be there in June 2013. Plz reply

  9. 9 Saleem said at 11:59 am on April 25th, 2013:

    Is it possible to get Aadhar card via Indian Embassy in Gulf Countries ? shall we submit our data, fingerprint them? is there any possibility in future for NRI via Ind.Embassy Offices ?

  10. 10 Manjit Singh said at 7:19 am on April 27th, 2013:

    Can we have retina scan and fingerprint out of india where we are currently residing.

  11. 11 MOHAMMED HANEEF said at 4:42 am on May 4th, 2013:

    Please inform, Is there any loctation for Aadhaar office in Riyadh, KSA… To apply for me & family for Aadhar Card… or how to apply from here… Waiting to receive your Reply…

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  12. 12 admin said at 11:25 am on May 6th, 2013:

    You have to be into the aadhar center.

  13. 13 Ravi said at 6:51 pm on May 14th, 2013:

    1. I am in USA
    2. I want to apply aadhar card, how can i do it.

  14. 14 Manjula said at 10:52 am on June 30th, 2013:

    Iam living in can I apply for aadhar card.what are the documents required.iam coming to India for one month in it compulsory to apply for aadhar card my husband has to come to India.

  15. 15 sunita said at 7:50 am on July 11th, 2013:

    I live in U.A.E and right now have no plans of visit to india can i apply for a aadhar card staying here or should i visit india for that. will there any problems for the addmission of our children in india if we are listed as nri in aadhar

  16. 16 admin said at 11:05 am on July 26th, 2013:


    You have to be in India to apply for aadhar card, no other option.

  17. 17 Garree said at 6:38 am on January 27th, 2014:

    I am currently in Canada, and want to apply for Adhar Card asap. Should I go back to India for that or is there any way it can be done in Canada itself, maybe at Indian Consulate?
    Please reply as its urgent.

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