The Govt. of India allow Indian citizens to download Aadhar card form online. Like every identity card, Aadhar cad also requires a form to be filled in. This form can be brought either from Aadhar enrollment center or can be downloaded from the internet.


How to Download: Click here


After clicking the link you will be directed to a new page that will have Aadhar enrollment/correction form. Download the form and print it on A4 size paper.  Remember only first page is required to submit your details that 1st page is the main form. But you should also take the print of 2nd page as the page contains all the instructions how to fill the form, with each field described properly.

NOTE:  For any correction in your present Aadhar card same form needs to be used. But in that case you have to provide your Enrollment ID (EID) in the proper box which is present in the top of the page along with your name and the data of that field which needs to be corrected. Suppose your Aadhar card shows incorrect address, so you have to give your EID, name and correct address and that should be filled in the proper places. Only these three fields needs to be field else every thing should remain vacant with. The form must contain your signature.

Now the next step is to fill the form correctly because any mistake done will either lead to the cancellation of form or will get reflected in your Aadhar card.

After filling the form with proper instructions, leave the consent part blank as that part will be taken care by the concerned authority after verifying your documents. After which you form will be submitted and process will lead for biometric scanning.